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    Family Cover, more for less?

    David & Belinda live in Melbourne and have two children, Eve and Fran. They have been paying over $350/month for insurance for years. They recently compared health funds and switched to a plan with another provider with more cover for $100 less every month.

  • Health Insurance for Singles

    Health Insurance for Singles

    Lara is 29, fit, and healthy. She can’t remember the last time she was sick. Lara wanted cover for emergencies. Her health insurance also means she avoids the Medicare Levy Surcharge. Lara got private hospital and extras health insurance.

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Private health insurance is a cost most Australians need to factor into their budget. Different funds have products that better service different groups of people. If you’re single for example, some funds reward you with lower premiums and more features than others. ┬áIt really does pay to shop for your health insurance. Learn more